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Mr Banabas who is a kdp publisher was able to make $4,241 in the space of just 5 months. By simply uploading 11-12 paged “Word Documents”

Douglas a 300 level student made $1,724 in 10 days

Here is another $359 made in 11 days!

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You create a simple notebook like I do , then you put them in front of over 250 million paying international customers on Amazon, and then you get paid

So that means if I create a $10 (7000 naira) simple note book I only need to sell it to 10 people out of 250 million to make $100(70,000) a day. Cool Right?

And the thing about Amazon is this, when people start to buy certain books, they expose the books to more other people and you as the book owner get more sales. Hence more money.

The very good part is that this can continue for years… Imagine listing books on Amazon this year and you are still getting paid for those books in 2030

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18 year old Ada Who Made Over $4,500 {₦3,150,000} In 10 Days While Publishing Just 8 Books

MADE OVER $1,000 {₦708,400} In His First Week As An Author. And He Did It Publishing Just ONE BOOK.

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If an 18 year Old can do this business, if someone who doesn’t know how to write can do it, if a busy 8-5 worker can do it, that means you too can do it.

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