Your First Real Sales Challenge with already mapped out marketing funnel done for you


I’m here to do what I know how to do best and that’s to help you make money!! As you already know I’m into affiliate marketing business for a long time now. So Read the following Carefully, you are getting a once in a lifetime opportunity, I don’t think I will ever do something like this again.

So Yeah!… I have decided to help just few people who are willing to help themselves! I want to help you make your first 200k on the online space. At least, it will make the whole stuff real to you. Now this is STRICTLY for the ones willing to actually make money online.

I will start a 60 days real sales challenge where I will teach you and guide you ON HOW TO MAKE OVER 200k-500k for yourself. And to make sure you succeeded in getting this figures for yourself, I will give you;


-A product to sell (A very cheap and easy to sell product to boost your skills)

-A script to use and create your Ad copy

-You don’t need a website so I give you an indepth training on how to run lead generation Ads

-I give you an already made highly converting webpage explaining everything your prospects need to know about the product you are selling.

-Show you the exact step by step strategy I am using so you can use it to get at least 1 sales every day.

This will be Your first real challenge – STARTING SMALL

1 sales of N20,000 product per day = N20,000 daily

Your commission is 55% =     N11,000 daily

7 days = N77,000 profit

1 month =  N330,000 profit

In 60 days you will be able to have over 500k for yourself

Also to make this bonus even more juicier for you I will be dashing the first person that make 300k from this business a sum of N20,000 for FREE and this is to encourage you in achieving your first 300k milestone in a very short period time


Plus again you will get a free access to my mentorship

This challenge will be strictly to only 5 people. because I don’t want too much crowd

Don’t miss this challenge, I repeat DON’T!

Be among the lucky 5 for your own good ooo, don’t let your village people make you procrastinate.

Omo, I can’t believe I’m guiding these 5 people through ALL this for FREE!!

So if you have your 30k ready and you want be among,

Message me on my whatsapp NOW with “I HAVE MY 30K RREADY NOW” So you can be able to secure your slot immidiately, remember it’s only for 5 people

Please don’t send me message if you don’t have our money ready

Once we reach 5 people, this challenge will be over

May the fastest finger win, Tic Tock🕰️🕰️